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At River Valley Dance Academy, we recognize that each of our dancers has different goals for receiving dance training.
Our unique Pathways approach allows the parent and the child to establish clear goals with the studio upon registration.
As time goes by if your goals change, you are welcome to change your selected pathway. Our instructors provide a process oriented curriculum. They reflect a true love for the art of dance and an understanding of growth and development of children.

The Pathways program, allows ALL students the opportunity to receive progressive training, whether they are dancing for recreation, or because they have chosen dance as their sport or art.


We are proud to say we do not just teach "dances"  at RVDA, but instead, we teach ALL of our students "to dance". 


You may choose a  recreational pathway, which will bring you to the studio once a week for 45 minutes, or you may choose pathway two or three, where you will design your schedule with our staff, to meet your needs. 


Pathway four is dedicated to our adaptive dance program.

Designed for the student that is developing their interest in dance. The goals are primarily recreational in nature, and present an opportunity for children to develop coordination, a sense of self- esteem, and a place to experience the joy of dancing. For Preschool and Kindergarten, we offer a Ballet/Tap Combination Class. For older beginning students, we offer Jazz, Kick, Hip Hop, Tap & Ballet.


Students in this pathway select 45 minutes to an hour of dancing for their class each week.

Pathway One

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Designed for the student that is serious about their dancing. Coursework in classical ballet provides for a process oriented curriculum which focuses on the discipline of dance. The utilization of French terminology, correct body placement, and proper technique will be taught. Students may also choose Jazz, Leaps & Turns, Acro, Contemporary, Tap, Modern, Pointe, Conditioning, Technique, Lyrical, Kick, and Hip Hop to enhance their studies in this progressive program.

Pathway two

In the musical theatre program, students will explore the fundamentals of stage movement, pantomime, character & scene development, and improvisation. This is an acting class intended to introduce participants to the world of drama and musical theatre. Activities that deal with diction, clarity, intonation, and projection will be introduced, as well as exploratory exercises reflecting on action, reaction, focus and building relationships with your fellow actors on stage. Opportunities for performance will be provided.

Students can build on these fundamentals with vocal coaching classes, instructed by Jill Cowan. In our vocal training program, students will learn how to sing properly while taking care of their instrument in this two session course.

Pathway three


At River Valley Dance Academy, we believe in the intrinsic value which dance provides when one begins to explore the creative processes within themselves. As the world of dance can sometimes be competitive and inaccessible to persons who may be challenged in physical or developmental domains, we have made it a priority to offer classes to children who have not yet had the opportunity to dance. If your child or someone you know has a developmental disability, or is physically challenged, please help us to invite them to our studio.

Pathway four

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